Used pro style scooters for sale

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We're selling the used rental scooters at the park.  Sizes are listed below.  No warranties, no refunds, no exchanges, no returns.  These do not come with owner's manuals or tools.  We are selling them as-is.

Cash only and in store only.  No shipping.

All measurements in US inches.  Bar numbers are height followed by width.  Deck numbers are width followed by length.

White Fuzion

  • Bars:  22x18
  • Deck:  4x21


  • Bars:  22x18
  • Deck:  4x19.25

Orange mini

  • Bars:  17x17
  • Deck:  4.5x16

PSX Custom

  • Bars:  23x21
  • Deck:  4.25x16

Oil Slick

  • Bars:  20.5x20
  • Deck:  4.5x20.5

Splatter bars

  • Bars:  21x20
  • Deck:  4.5x20


  • Bars:  24x22
  • Deck:  4.5x19.5


  • Bars:  24x22
  • Deck:  4.5x21.5

All Black

  • Bars:  23z20
  • Deck:  4.5x20.5