Lessons - 30 minutes
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Lessons - 30 minutes

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Please read this first:

We've made some changes to our lessons to help ensure that the student and the instructor get the most out of their one hour, private lesson.

The goal of lessons is to make the student a better, more confident scooter rider.  The changes we're making will help with that goal.

A single lesson is intended for one-on-one instruction.  No family, siblings or friends should be on the ramps during the lesson; just the rider and the instructor.

A two-person is for two riders, typically of similar skill level.

All lessons will be 30 minutes in duration, starting at the top of the hour and at the :30.  Lessons will start and end on time; be on time so you get the full 30 minute.

All scheduling will be handled via the calendaring below.  If you have questions, please send email to our lessons@ email.  We're not staffed to handle texting or direct messaging.

We get that life things happen; illness, scheduling conflicts, etc.  We'll do our best to accommodate schedule changes, but please keep the changes to just one.  We're a small non profit, schedule our instructors to come in based on lessons purchased, and pay them based upon those schedules.  We incur a cost if the lesson is canceled or a no-show.  Thanks for your understanding.

New to scootering?  Have a trick that you want to learn?  We've got you covered!  Our talented team of local riders are ready to teach your shredder. 

Prices do not include tax.  Taxes add at purchase time.

The lesson includes 30 minutes of instruction and private use of the park.

Ready to move forward?  Please purchase your option below.  Be sure to include your email address and phone number.  One the order comes through, we'll contact you for scheduling.