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Scooter Camps - Spring Break

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Summer and winter scooter camps rocked, so let's do some Spring Break camps!

April 8th - 12th, 2019

  • 9am to 10:30am (90 minutes):  Ages 8 and under
  • 11:00am to 2:00pm (180 minutes):  Ages 9 and older

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We need a minimum of six (6) campers for each session.  Please share to help ensure we can get enough campers!  Thank you

Our Spring Break scooter camp program gives you an entire week of shredding - learning new tricks, practicing your skills, even learning to work on your scoot.  Our instructors will rotate throughout the week and will provide you with plenty of fun.

Each camper will receive a scooter camp shirt, wristband and sticker.  Daily snacks will be provided. 

*Signed waver and helmet required.  Knee pads strongly encouraged.  Kids are welcome to bring in their own snacks if they have dietary concerns.

Price does NOT include tax.

Two instructors per camps.  There will be more focus on specific skills and tricks to learn, game time, and of course open scoot time.

Each camp is limited to 10 total riders (plus the two counselors).  No exceptions.  Feedback was loud and clear that we had too many kids in the summer camps.

A typical day will consist of the following (subject to change as needed):

  • Warm up
  • Instruction on specific skill or trick
  • Scooter games
  • Snack break (snacks and water included)
  • 'how to' workshop, like tightening compression, adjust wheels
  • Open scooter time


  • Each rider wears helmet any time they are on the ramps
  • Each rider brings their own pro scooter (rentals will not be available)
  • Each rider has a valid, signed, electronic waiver
  • Tennis shoes, sneakers or Vans only
  • All park rules are reinforced.  Any rules broken will have the campers removed and not return for any remaining camp time.


  • Knee pads are highly encouraged
  • Pack extra snacks/sandwiches