Scooter Clinics

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Scooter step-up clinics are for riders who have the basics down and are looking to progress.  Our expert staff of experienced riders/instructors will help individual riders identify areas that can be improved on, breaking bad habits, and stepping up and out of their comfort zone. The main focus is having fun while becoming a confident and solid rider.

Program details

  • Duration:  90 minutes
  • # of days:  one (1)
  • # of riders:  four (4) (maximum)
  • Rider skills:  Experienced (not suited for beginners)
  • # of instructors:  1 to 2, depending on the number of students
  • Snack:  Small snack and drink provide (feel free to pack some for your kid)
  • Includes:
  • Code for a free open session


  • All participants must have a valid digital waiver on file
  • All participants must wear a helmet whenever they are on the ramps


  • Knee pads
  • Mouth guards

NOTE:  No fold up or adjustable scooters are allowed.  Our insurance covers only 'solid state' scooters.  We have a few scooters available to borrow.


Prices do not include tax.  Taxes add at purchase time.


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