Hang your Banner

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Thank you for your interest in advertising your business at the ONLY indoor scootpark in the United States located right here in Redmond.  Pacific Scooter Experience opened December 22 and has had well over 1,000 visitors in the first month alone.

Options available:

  • $500 - 4'x3' or 4'x4' banner, one year, banner supplied by you
  • $700 - 4'x3' or 4'x4' banner, one year, banner supplied by PSX.  You must submit your logo for us to design the banner.
  • Want something else, like a larger banner?  Contact us directly so we can work with you!

This project started out as a way to give kids who like to scoot a place to get in out of the cold and rain.  And that is what it’s partly about.  But what is even more important is the community that it has provided for these kids. 

PSX is a safe and fun place to ride, learn and grow; a place to be known and respected.  PSX facilitates a culture of trust, acceptance, encouragement and "positivity".  We have policies in place against alcohol, tobacco, drugs and bullying.  If issues arise, we take offenders aside and have honest but kind conversations about what kind of community we are and remind them that they are a part of our community and are expected to hold to our standards. 

Younger riders are introduced to older riders and the older riders are asked to reach out and help them.  This gives both older and younger a sense of importance and respect. Some of these kids need a place to get in off the streets, get away from things happening at home, have a kind word spoken to them.  We want to be a place they can get that.

PSX needs the community’s support in staying open.  Our admission fees do not completely keep us afloat.  We are run by volunteers and are looking for sponsorships and donations to continue to provide a park for the youth in our area.  We are an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization, volunteer run, and are looking to our community to advertise by hanging banners in the park.  For $400 per year, your organization can enjoy a spot on our wall where parents and kids alike will see your business advertised.  Not only will you get in-person exposure, but the kids who ride the park enjoy large following on social media and are constantly posting videos from the park so you will have even more exposure on social media.