Scooter Park Volunteers

Hey there!  We're excited that we've created an environment that the scooter community is embracing!  Thank you for your support!  As with most non-profits, the continued success requires not only financial donations, but volunteers as well.  If you're not able to donate financial, but you have a couple hours each week, then we want you!

What type of help are we looking for?  What would your responsibilities include?  Here's a list, but feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Park manager

This is the most needed volunteer.  Primarily responsible for the safety of riders.  You would be monitoring the sessions, enforcing the park rules (posted everywhere), answering questions about the park, and checking on the health of a rider if they should fall or otherwise need help.

Where we need the most help is on Friday evening and weekends.

    Check in riders at the check-in area, confirm they have an active waiver on file, accepting payments for sessions and snacks.

    Maintaining a clean park, spectator area and two restrooms.  Cleaning up spills, ensuring bathrooms have toilet paper and paper towels.  Reporting any damage to park ramps and walls.

    Background Checks

    If we feel you're a good fit, then we perform a background check.  We do this for all volunteers and employees, to help keep the park a safe, kid-friendly place.

    We do charge $30 for the background check; that is the cost to us for the service we use.  We used to cover the cost, but we landed up paying for background checks, but the volunteers never actually offered to help.

    If the background check comes back good, then the next step is to have you come in for 30 minute chat/walk through.  Then we schedule you to shadow another one of seasoned volunteers.  Usually takes 2 of these, then you're off and running the park.

    Want to know more?  Email, call or stop by!

    Pacific Scooter Experience

    14766 NE 95th St

    Redmond, WA  98052