Scooter Park Pricing

Effective March 1st, 2020

Below are the current prices for the indoor, non-profit pro scooter park, the Pacific Scooter Experience or PSX.  Prices are subject to change based upon a number of factors, however once you are in a six or 12 month commitment level, you are locked in to those prices.  There is a 25% penalty*** if you cancel a six or 12 month commitment.

Plans and Commitment Levels

  Individual Family
30 day level $50 not available
Six (6) months $80/month $100/month
Twelve (12) months $60/month $80/month


Level Benefits

  30 days Six (6) months Twelve (12) Months
# of open sessions per month 4 6 Unlimited
Discount on small clinics n/a 10% 15%
Discount on park rentals n/a 10% 20%
Discount on special events (ride days, meet-and-greets, etc). n/a 10% 25%
Discount on apparel and products (excluding snacks and drinks) n/a 10% 25%
Guest passes n/a 1 per month 4 per month
Commitment Level events* n/a free free
Opportunity to participate in Industry Input Program (IIP)** n/a n/a Yes


* - From time to time, PSX will offer special events just for customers that have signed up for six or twelve month commitments.  These events will be communicated in advance and require registration on a first come/first served basis.

** - Industry Input Program (IIP) is a program that provides scooter companies (like Lucky Scooters) the chance to get input from scooter riders. May include, but not limited to, requesting input from riders, sharing product plans, latest company news, etc. Invitations will be sent out to all 12 month membership level customers. Attendance is not required, but it is a valuable benefit to both the scooter companies and the rider community. Can include rider and his/her family. May require signing NDA.

***An example for cancelling the 12 month Family level ($80/month).  Let's say you sign the agreement for the 12 month level.  Then six months in you decide that you no longer want to support PSX and you cancel.  There is six month's remaining in your agreement, so you would be charged 25% of six months.  6*$80=$480.  $480x25%=$120.  You would be charged a one-time cancellation penalty of $120.

Fine Print

  • All levels require online booking to secure day/time
  • For any of the three levels, you will be provided with a unique code to use online for bookings.  Keep this code secure.
  • Washington State sales tax will be applied to all levels
  • Family members share the family plan
  • 30 day level:
    • Can be purchased online
    • 30 days begin at time of purchase
    • Does not auto renew
  • Six (6) and twelve (12) month levels:
    • Must be purchased either at the park or over the phone
    • Cancelling early results in you having to pay 25% of the remaining months*** (see example above)
    • Requires credit/debit card to be kept on file (stored securely)

Drop-In Park Pricing

Beginner Sessions $15
Open Sessions $15
Scooter Clinics $45
Pizza Sessions $25
Birthday parties and park rental

$225 (no advanced rider included)

$265 (advanced rider included)

Special Events



Beginner Sessions

These two (2) hour sessions are intended for riders typically nine (9) years old and younger, and are new to the pro scooter sport.  They are just learning the basics and rarely are able to do any tricks.  Session is limited to eight (8) riders max.

Open Sessions

These two (2) hour sessions are intended for riders that have learned the basic skills, are ready to try new tricks, and are comfortable sharing the park with skilled riders.  Session is limited to ten (10) riders max.

Scooters Clinics

These ninety (90) minute clinics are intended for riders that have learned the basic skills and are ready to up their game.  Active participation, attempting new tricks and encouraging other riders are requirements.  Four (4) riders max per clinic.

Pizza Sessions

These three (3) hour sessions are open sessions and intended for riders that have learned the basic skills.  Several local pizza shops (Papa Johns, Dominos) often donate several pizzas for these sessions.  If we don't have a local pizza shop donate, then we ask one family to pitch in and donate pizzas.  Costco pizzas are the best value and there are two close by (Redmond, Kirkland).  PSX will provide one bottled water (refillable) for each rider.

NOTE:  No fold up or adjustable scooters are allowed.  Our insurance covers only 'solid state' scooters.  We have a few scooters available to rent.