Scooter Auction - Fundraiser


Our Mission:

Provide a fun, safe, secure, indoor park specifically for the pro scooter community, dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for all scooter riders to learn and grow through the sport of scootering.

To help achieve our mission, we are holding a silent auction in the park!  All the items will be scooter-related; completes, parts, unreleased items, banners, posters, original artwork, apparel.

  • “Together We Can Do More” – silent auction
  • When:  Saturday, October 6th, 2018
  • Time:  5pm to 7pm
  • Location:  At the park!  (14766 NE 95th St, Redmond, WA  98052)
  • Entry fee:  free (that's right, no charge to attend the auction but you do need to register using the form below)
  • Food and drinks will be provided
  • NOTE:    The park will be closed for riding, and the shop will be closed for sales and service, so we can focus on the auction and the attendees.

Please register now!

Parents and kids 10 years old and older, accompanied by an adult, are welcomed to attend!


How Does It Work 

Upon check in at the event, each party will be assigned a unique bidder number.  This is your private number, don't share with others.

Each item up for auction has a bid sheet with descriptions and bidding guidance, like starting bid, bid increments, and a 'buy now' amount.

As you browse through the over 100 scooter-related items, if you see something you'd like to bid on, enter your bidder number and bid amount on the bid sheet.

If you see an item that you just have to have, that is what the 'buy now' option is for.  You enter your bidder number and the 'buy now' amount as your bid.  That guarantees you the winning bid!

At the end of the auction, we'll collect all the bid sheets, and the winning bidders will be asked to go to any of the check outs to pay for their item and collect their item and a receipt.

That's it!  Super easy and fun!

Example of a bid sheet

 scooter auction bid sheet

Examples of items

We have over 100 items!  From complete scooters to parts like wheels, decks and forks.   Also promotional items like backpacks, shirts and water bottles, plus banners, posters and original design artwork!  Here are a few examples...

Lucky Covenant red pro scooter

scooter auction lucky covenant

Lucky Scooter black box promotional

scooter auction lucky black box promotion

Unreleased Lucky Lunar wheels

Lucky Adidas backpack

scooter auction lucky backpack 


 Full list of current of items

scooter auction list