Giving to Pacific Scooter Experience

Hey there!  As a small non-profit, we rely on contributions from the community to keep the doors open.  Did you know there are many ways to contribute, not just cash donations?  Check out other ways to 'give' to PSX...

Repairs, renovations and improvements

Just like your house, the park needs some fixin' every now and then.  Here's the latest Honey Do list:

Lights in the park.  We have a number of fluorescent shop lights that need to be replaced, move or need new bulbs.  The challenge is that many of the are not accessible via the tradition step ladder.  What we've used in the past are the heavy-duty construction step- and extension ladders.  Having two ladders and two people makes the work much easier (and safer).  We'd like to replace the fluorescent bulbs with LEDs, or better yet, replace the entire assembly with upgraded LEDs.

We have plenty of fluorescent bulbs, so for now we'd just like to replace bulbs, move some of the lights up and out of the way, and replace a couple lights completely.

Snacks and drinks