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Pro Scooter decks

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NOTE:  These items were donated to the park, and may vary slightly from the description below.  The actual items are in the pictures.

We have a large selection of decks from various brands.  Please choose carefully on the size and status (new or used).  If you're not sure, call or email.

Absolutely no refunds, exchanges, returns.

Descriptions (all measurements are in US inches, length followed by width.  Measuring from the end of the deck to the front of the deck)

Item #88 - Lucky JonMarco v1 deck (19.5 by 4.25, new)

Item #96 - Lucky black Evo deck with 110mm LUNAR Zephyr rear wheel (21 by 5, used)

Item #97 - Lucky blue Evo deck (21 by 5, small scratch on bottom)

Item #103 - Lucky black Crew with 110mm Toaster rear wheel (21 by 5, used)

Item #132 - Lucky maroon Evo (21.5 x 5, new)

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