Why a non-profit pro scooter park?

We based our organization on another non-profit park in Washington State, Alchemy Skateboarding.  Our focus is on the pro scooter sport, which is at an all time high for participation and awareness.

indoor scooter park

But why a public charity?  This is our way to give back to the scooter community.  

Pacific Scooter Experience will be a fun, safe, secure, indoor park specifically for the pro scooter community, dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for all scooter riders to learn and grow through the sport of scootering.

We'll provide a variety of services to meet the needs of the community.  Example include:

  • Open sessions where the public can ride
  • Private and group lessons to teach new tricks and help build the confidence of every rider
  • Special events like birthday parties
  • Day camps that focus on fun, fitness and sportsmanship
  • 'How to' workshop so riders can learn how to maintain and fix their own scooters

Our area is in desperate need of a safe, indoor, scooter-friendly facility.  We'll be able to meet the needs of all ages and skill levels by providing appropriate programs, as well as park features for beginner and more advanced riders.

Jackson Burklund

But to be clear, this doesn't mean free.  Like any company, we have operational expenses like rent, utilities, insurance, as well as employees' salaries and other costs.  There will be nominal fees to ride, but we won't turn away any pro scooter rider.

Want to read more about what the IRS has to say about 501(c)(3) orgs?  Read an article from the IRS by going here.