June 29th, 2020

PSX will be open only for private rentals.  No drop ins.   See the birthday party listing for details.

The Pacific Scooter Experience (PSX) is an indoor scooter park founded to serve youth of all age and skill levels.  But PSX is much more than just a park.  It’s a safe, family-friendly environment designed to help kids develop new skills while connecting with others in a shared passion for the sport, whether it’s in our high energy open sessions, the Little Shredder session for beginners, or our seasonal scooter clinics.

PSX is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization made possible by our volunteers and community donations.  Lessons, parties, camps and other programs are offered throughout the year.

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    Improving quality of life. One rider at a time.

    Mission and Values

A place where you can be you

Throw down your favorite trick, or learn something new

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Engage and Encourage

Rain or shine...shred at PSX

"Every rider here has been super helpful. It doesn't matter the young women, the young men, it's really cool. I've never seen a community that is so pro kid"

Natalie - AK

"PSX has been very welcoming from the first day we came without knowing anything about scootering"

Kate - Seattle

"As a girl, I feel very accepted into the scooter community.  Everybody helps out and they taught me a lot of things.  It is very exciting for me to introduce girls to this sport because we lack girls riding scooters"

Sophia - WA

"If I didn't have PSX, I would probably be at home, uh, I don't know what I would be doing, probably, like, laying around or something"

Will - Seattle

"I've seen a big change in my son since he's gotten involved with PSX.  Not only has his confidence level risen alot, he's excited because there's always a place to ride"

Chere - WA

Up Your Game

Ready to learn or perfect a trick? PSX scooter clinics are designed for small groups of riders that already have the basics down and our ready to take their scooting to the next level.

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